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Fumbled Penis Podcast

Aug 7, 2022

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No story today kids. I fucking hate you all!


Jul 24, 2022

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I normally type out some long nonsensical story in the description but I've been holding in a screaming shit for almost an hour and a half so I need to keep this short and sweet.

Back in my younger years I met a woman...

Jul 17, 2022

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I always wanted to be a volleyball player. They make it look so glamourous on tv. Sure, some people say it's for homosexuals but big deal. I can be around them without becoming one right? It's not like covid or monkeypox, Gonna have to check with...

Jul 4, 2022

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Every year on July 4th I like to take a minute to reflect on what the people of the time were thinking when they decided to go full ham on a bunch of tea drinking pedophiles and celebrate their courage for taking, not asking for, taking their fucking independence....

Jun 26, 2022

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When I was in high school I used to hang out at our small town pizza shop with my friends and there was a mid 40's hippie that didn't own a car and rode a bike everywhere. Anyway, a few wiggles of the worm and this old fish was about to gnaw the fucking hook off.

We meet up at the...