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Fumbled Penis Podcast

Aug 22, 2022

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Well kids, it was fun while it lasted but this is the 100th and final free episode of the Fumbled Penis Podcast. I'm not asking for money and in reality, I really don't want it but from now on, if you wanna hear me call someone a retard, it's gonna cost you. We've had some laughs and I've almost fired myself up into a heart attack just for a few cheap and by cheap, I mean free fucking laughs for you. I can't do it anymore and not be compensated for my wit or wisdom. I wish I could give you an alternative that will scratch that itch for you but honestly, there really isn't anything else out there pushing boundaries and calling shit out in this fucked up world so good luck.

I'll miss some of you and others, well, you were nothing but a stat to me. Thanks for all the downloads and vandalizing your shitty hometown with Fumbled Penis Podcast stickers. It was an anemic 100 episodes by any standard but especially by the high standards I hold myself too. I hope the Chiller of the Week song is forever stuck in your head and that you never forget that I'm gay and my dick is small.

Adios retards,